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Wedding Planning can be extremely stressful if you go at it alone! Having an Executive Wedding Planner at your side can make your dream wedding all you have dreamed of and more! Whether you want an indoor wedding here in the Event Room or have another venue, I will help make your wedding day spectacular. It's your big day! How have you pictured this day in your mind? Together we can make those dreams come true.

Our Venue & Onsite Venues

Choosing an indoor or outdoor wedding is key for each specific time of year in Destin Florida and surrounding areas. We can help if you are a beach bride who needs assistance with rehearsal and reception planning and a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Choosing the right location for your wedding is important.  Our Event Venue comes with many special amenities but Our Wedding Planner is available no matter which location you choose. Once you have your location, we can get to the fun stuff, such as wedding colors, flowers, balloons, table settings, centerpieces, food, cake and much much more!

The Wedding Reception

The wedding ceremony is the exchange of vows and testimony of one another's undying love and devotion and is the most beautiful part of your big day! The wedding reception is where your wedding guests celebrate the two of you merging as one, mind, heart and soul! We coordinate your Ceremony as needed. As the wedding planner, I work with the DJ, photographer, and catering and even a bartender. All of your party details are within the scope of our Wedding Planner Services.

Dinner Rehearsal

Once we have decided on all the glitz and glam that your big day deserves, we can plan your pre-party! A dinner rehearsal with your entire wedding party is highly recommended! This dinner rehearsal offers you the peace of mind that the wedding party knows where, when and how to do what, the day of the ceremony! It's also a way for the two families to celebrate intimately prior to the big celebration.

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Get your big day underway with a wedding planner, today! Let LaShana handle all the details so you can relax and enjoy your Special Day the way you are meant to. Contact Us for a Consultation or more details. Please remember to Like Us On Facebook.