Quinceañeras At Fort Walton Beach’s Premier Event Venue

The fiesta de quince años is the coming-of-age celebration for Latino girls turning fifteen years old and entering adulthood. In Latino tradition, the fifteenth birthday is when the young girl enters adulthood. In Latin America, by the fifteenth birthday, most young ladies have learned to cook, weave, and take care of a household. The celebration is used to honor the young woman and her entering the adult society.

The fiesta de quince años is much like a formal ball. The Quinceañera wears a beautiful dress and has a court. This court is made up of friends and family of her choosing, one particularly being a Man of Honor, who accompanies the Quinceañera. These young men and women are known as Damas and Chambelanes and usually perform a special dance.

Your Event, Your Traditions

There are many differing traditions for this celebration and no two are alike. This celebration is much like the Sweet 16 birthday party celebrated by Americans. The guest of honor is presented with gifts. There is also a meal, a beautiful cake, decorations and lots of dancing and fun to enjoy for this special event.

The Event Room is the premier venue in Fort Walton Beach to celebrate your upcoming Quinceañeras. We recently had the honor of hosting a couple of celebrations for two beautiful young ladies.

Alannis'  Quinceañeras

Rhianna's Quinceañeras

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At The Event Room, we welcome all cultures and religious events. If you would like to learn more about our venue and specific rates, please visit The Experience Page on our website. If you are ready to book your upcoming Quinceañera at our event venue, please Contact Us to secure your special date.

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