Graduation Celebrations and Summer Parties

Congratulations to the Class of 2019. Our Event Venue is the perfect place to host your Graduation Celebrations and Summer Parties. Do you have a Senior who is graduating this year? Graduating High School is a considerable accomplishment that teenagers and parents anticipate for years. You are a proud parent, and your child deserves a party for all their hard work and effort. We want to celebrate all of our students. Even if you do not have a graduating student but would like to plan an end of the school year or summer party for your kids and their friends, we can accommodate larger groups.

Our Planning Services

Our Executive Event Planner, LaShana, is an expert at putting together an event that is sure to please all ages. During your event planning, she will walk you through step by step with all the details. She will assist you with things like choosing a theme, colors, chair covers, guest count, and more. Our planning services include suggestions for Catering, DJ, Bartender, and more. Summer Parties for adolescents can include things like face painting, games, dancing, clown performances, magic performers and more. The Event Room is the perfect venue for all types of celebrations. Our Event Venue is in Fort Walton Beach.

Planning Your Graduation Celebrations and Parties

If you are ready to start planning a Graduation Celebration or Summer Party with the Event Room or have more questions, please Contact Us. Plan your special event with us and "Let Your Event Speak For Itself." Our Event Venue has hosted a multitude of Receptions, Weddings, Reunions, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers and much more. No matter what type of event you have, our venue will be perfect for you. Like us and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our Latest Public Events.